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As public funding for arts education declines, Cultural Media Collaborative, Inc., a federally and state recognized nonprofit organization, is working to help fill the gap by creating media-rich learning tools and inspiring aesthetic experiences.

Each CMC production is unique in form and content so as to reflect the affective and intellectual world of the artwork being explored. Having collaborated with world-renowned artists such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Valery Gergiev, Thomas Hampson, Neeme Järvi and Yo-Yo Ma, our projects explore the structural and expressive dimensions of each chosen masterpiece, opening pathways to a direct personal experience.

Without presuming audience interest, we aim to spark curiosity and stimulate the intellectual appetite of potential concertgoers and art lovers. We do this by honoring the integrity and depth of the featured artwork and by respecting our audience. CMC productions dramatize an artwork by emphasizing its immediacy, relevance, expansiveness and complexity—not merely its entertainment value. The larger aim is to motivate and guide the development of cognitive skills transferable to other works of art, thereby advancing a broad appreciation across the cultural spectrum. 

CMC productions are distributed through numerous channels, including educational institutions (working with school districts for curriculum integration), festival screenings, DVD and Blu-ray home video, web streaming and international broadcast. Our distribution and co-production partners include Films for the Humanities & Sciences, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service, USA), 3sat (Austria, Germany and Switzerland), Mezzo (France), Deutsche Welle (Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Australia and Oceania), RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, ETV Estonian Public Television, and many others. 

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